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LLP Newsletter | Issue 4: Welcome to the Lowveld Loyalty Programme (LLP) - 17 July 2015

Dear LLP Member,


A merchant and service provider network in the Lowveld - covering key spending categories.

Our vision is to grow the coalition network of merchants and service providers to cater for each spending category – “you need a product or service – you confirm the availability on your LLP list”.

The reality – access to a network of merchants or service providers enjoying the benefits of:

  • Free LLP Membership and a free LLP Cash Back Card.
  • Updating about shopping opportunities.
  • Cash Back - up to 12% on purchases.
  • Permanent “offerings” (Cash Back) 365 days a year.
  • No more queuing for special offerings.
  • No more rushing to limited special offerings.
  • No more risk – on the quality of special offerings.
  • Customer relationship with your merchant and service provider.
  • Support them and build your community.

Remember to swipe your LLP Cash Back Card with every purchase! That's all you have to do.

We at LLP are privileged to associate with the addition of partner merchants / service providers and will update the addition monthly.


Click on the merchants below to view their profiles on the LLP website.