• The LLP loyalty card is free.
  • You will qualify for cash back points only when you purchase at any of our listed partners on the LLP network.
  • Transactions and balances will be confirmed via SMS.
  • The discount will be converted into cash back points which will be electronically credited to your LLP loyalty card. The points can be accumulated and are available for redemption at any of our listed partners 15 working days after the original purchase.
  • Please note: a card replacement fee of R15.00 will apply for a lost card.
  • Neither LLP nor the LLP partners shall be held liable to LLP card holders or any other person for any loss caused by a transaction downgrade resulting from LLP defective or faulty software/hardware or installations; unavailability of services due to power failures or load shedding; unavailability of services caused by the termination of the LLP Partner, software, hardware and hosting contracts.
  • Use of the LLP loyalty card and the membership is subject to our terms and conditions.
  • LLP as a free of charge private program reserves the right to membership and the termination of membership at any time without explanation by notifying members by email.
  • LLP reserves the right to modify the  terms and conditions.



  • Your accumulated points are treated the same as cash, but points cannot be exchanged for cash. The total available balance or part thereof can be redeemed with a purchase at any of our listed partners.
  • One point = R1.00 buying power.
  • Cash back points can be redeemed 15 working days onwards after the original purchase.
  • Accumulated balance information is available at our LLP card terminals.
  • All points not used within three (3) years of accumulation will expire.
  • LLP reserve the right to change (without prior notice) the benefits, terms and conditions of the LLP program at any time.
  • The LLP program is subject to any provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (as amended) and applicable provisions shall deemed to be incorporated by reference therein.